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Total Supply
2,703,356 LUN
44 LUN per ETH
Market value
47,923.13 ETH
OUR Vision
Lunyr is an Ethereum-based decentralized world knowledge base which rewards users with app tokens for peer-reviewing and contributing information. We aim to be the starting point of the internet for finding reliable, accurate information. Our long-term vision is to develop a knowledge base API that developers can use to create next generation decentralized applications in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.
The knowledge base of the future
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Incentivized Contribution
Earn rewards for contributing
Incentivized Peer-review
Earn rewards for peer-reviewing
Censorship resistant
Resist censorship and oppression by centralized authorities
No central administrator. The community resolves disputes and quality issues
Zero downtime
Always available on the Ethereum blockchain
How it works
1. Share
Create or edit articles
2. Get peer
Submissions that pass peer review get published
3. Claim
Claim LUN and HNR tokens from smart contracts. Use LUN to advertise. Use HNR to resolve disputes and quality issues.
Arnold Pham
Project Lead
Arnold cofounded Leandigest Inc., a Silicon Valley-based tech startup, as CEO. He started programming in C++ at the age of eight, and later on, was an evangelist of BitTorrent and Bitcoin. As an Ethereum activist, he organizes Ethereum Developers Community, the second largest Ethereum meetup in Silicon Valley, where he also teaches decentralized application development. He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and University of Pennsylvania.
Andrew Tran
Business Development
Andrew cofounded Leandigest Inc. as COO. Prior to that, he had built an insurance business with over $10MM in sales. Before entrepreneurship, Andrew worked as a Project Manager, and later, Account Executive at Oracle where he closed the largest ever hardware deal for their small-medium business division. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from University of California, Los Angeles and an MBA from University of California, Davis.
Ben Bamberger
Blockchain Architect
Ben is a veteran Bitcoin blockchain developer. He cofounded a technology-driven marketplace called Evlo as CTO. His previous work includes developing data models and researching Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence for business applications. He holds a Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.
Christopher Smith
Blockchain Engineer
Christopher was the Cofounder CTO of BitMesh, a decentralized platform that enables users to share their internet connections. He has developed algorithms for Internet of Things and Deep Learning applications. Christopher possesses over seven years of experience as a software engineer. He was a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of California, Santa Cruz and holds an M.S. and B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Steve Yu
Front End Development
Steve specializes in graphics design and front end development. He designed the UI and UX of Ethboards, a decentralized job board concept built on Ethereum for recruiting and connecting developers. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Political Economics and emphasis on International Trade.
Holly Hernandez
Holly provides marketing expertise. She has been developing marketing strategies at Stanford University since 2013. Her prior work consists of creative writing, videography, and art, for which she has received Congressional recognition. She will be graduating from Stanford University this year with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Minor in Creative Writing.
Duc Pham
Security Advisor
Duc is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in technology innovation. He has built and managed multidisciplinary engineering teams for both startups and public companies. He was the founder and CTO of Vormetric, which was acquired by Thales Group for $400MM. Duc invented Vormetric security and encryption technologies and holds 9 patents as well as 10 patents pending in security and parallel processing.
Dr. Greg Colvin
Technical Advisor
Dr. Colvin works on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for Ethereum DEV. His work includes pushing the boundaries of EVM performance and evolving the EVM architecture and Ethereum specification. Greg has had decades of technical experience inventing algorithms, designing systems, and programming applications and servers. His experience includes building and leading world class teams.
Alex Leverington
Alex has been involved with Ethereum as a core developer since the very beginning. He worked at ETHDEV, where he architected and programmed devp2p, Ethereum's underlying P2P protocol layer. Alex has also made key contributions in Ethereum encryption and security, primarily touching the various communications protocols. He remains active in the protocol steering group.
Grant P. Fondo
Legal Counsel
As a partner at Goodwin Procter LLP, Grant specializes in digital currency, blockchain technology, and securities litigation. He is an experienced federal prosecutor and a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of California. Grant is the Co-Chair of Goodwin's Digital Currency + Blockchain Technology Practice, and sits on the board of the Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition as a founding member.